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Today is my firstborn’s birthday. He is 17 years old. It’s gone way too quickly, like incomprehensibly in a flash.

I remember very clearly what it felt like to be pregnant for the first time. I felt like such a child trying to navigate an unknown world. I had new eyes for the first time in a long time, looking at life in a very different way, trying to imagine myself sharing my world with this new being who’d be completely dependent upon me, realizing I was accountable to someone else in a very different way than I had ever been to anyone else before. There are certain transformations that I endured as a result of knowing I was going to be someone’s mom. He birthed me as much as I birthed him.

What I remember most about being pregnant was falling in love….deep, soul clenching love….with someone who was going to change my world. I had never known the true meaning of ‘surrender’ until I heard his heartbeat for the first time.

Early in my pregnancy, I started writing letters to him before I even knew he was a boy. I continued writing letters to him until….well, I still do. Here is a poem that I wrote to him during my second trimester…enjoy <3.

I don’t know you and I love you,


You bring more joy than all the hands in the world can carry.

I have thought about you all my life,

I have had dreams about you before I knew you existed,

I have never seen your beautiful face

Or touched your precious little hands,

But I have heard your tiny heartbeat.

The sound of it lit up my life.

You will be here soon,

You are bringing more joy than all the hands in this world can carry.

When you get here,

Life will show its beaming face,

and life will fall into place,

For you have always been a part of it.



Happy Birthday, B-Boy <3.


Heading into adulthood soon enough.
















Thanks for subscribing to my blog. Mother’s Day is fast approaching. For orders of $95 or more (product cost/pre-shipping cost), choose a petite custom name/word charm or lite ball chain to go with your order (value = $38 – $48).

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A Little Wild

Today is the last day of our Playing Favorites’ Photo contest. We received numerous photo submissions throughout the month of March. It’s been a fun way to interact with customers while learning more about the realness of your lives. A special thanks to everyone who took time to dig through their favorite photos and pass them our way!

Our final winning picture of the month comes from Lindsay Crosby. She submitted this fun candid picture of her daughter. In Lindsay’s words: “She regularly reminds me that living life a little wild can sometimes make it more fun!”. We are in total agreement!

Thanks Lindsay! Enjoy your $120 credit. We hope you pick out something really special for yourself for Mom’s Day:)

Stay tuned for more fun ways to win our unordinary jewelry!

xo – TS Designs

So Flippin’ Cute!

We are on Week 4 (of 5) of our March ‘Playing Favorites’ Photo contest, and we have a sweet, sweet pic to share with you from Rebecca Schmoll.

No matter your age, appreciate a friend who will stop what they're doing to help you. Photo submitted by Rebecca Schmoll.

We just love how the natural instinct of helping out another human being (at such a young age!) is illustrated in this candid picture. What a sweet little young guy….he’s going to win some hearts, though we’re sure he’s won over plenty already!

On a side note….when did backpacks get so cute? That zebra one is killing us (in a good way:)

Thanks Rebecca! Enjoy your $120 credit at!

We have one final week left of our photo contest and will announce our last winner on Saturday 3/31. All previous entries are still eligible. Thanks to all who have participated so far!

Me & My Imagination – BFF

For Week 3 of our March ‘Playing Favorites’ Photo contest, we’d like to present this winning photo by Heidi Golz.

“Nothing inspires quite like the imagination of a little one.”

Photo by Heidi Golz

We love this photo because it reminds us of what we have that no one can take away from us – our imagination. Sometimes, all we have is our imagination to keep us company….and that is a good thing. It’s such a gift that we have the ability to create fascination within us. It’s a greater gift to allow others to see our imagination come to life.

Thank you, Heidi, for such a simple, yet beautiful reminder of the innocence of imagination. Enjoy your $120 gift!


We are wrapping up Week 2 (of 5!) of our March ‘Playing Favorites’ Photo contest! We are loving the beauty and emotion that comes with all of the images we are receiving. Again, we thank you for your thoughtful submissions and look forward to the many more we will receive this month.

This week, we’d like to feature this moving photo submitted by Tracy Janetsky.“This photo inspires me because it makes me very proud. This is my father’s casket. He was a Vietnam Veteran. He died the day after my 39th birthday, May 2010.”

We love how this photo helps us pause to remember those who have fought and are fighting for our freedom. We are as fortunate and blessed as we are to be able to wake up each day and do what we do, and it is because of individuals like Tracy’s father. Thank you, Tracy, for sharing this personal moment with us.

Photo by Tracy Janetsky

A ‘1st’ Captured….

For Week 1 of our March ‘Playing Favorites’ Photo contest, we received an amazing selection of photos. Each one in its own unique way captures such simple beauty and the selection of photos evokes a range of emotions.

We want to say thank you to all who have entered so far. We realize that it takes some time from your day to pick out your photos and go through the steps to send them our way. It is a priceless and thoroughly enjoyable experience for us to see life through your eyes and know a little bit more about you as a result of the connection you made with us with your special photos.

Before we show you this week’s winning picture, we want to say that the ones that have not won so far are still in the running for the rest of March, so you still have a chance.

We aren’t going to say much about what we love about this winning pic. It pretty much speaks for itself. We just love it and how real, raw, sweet, perfect and special it is.

(a little drumroll please….)

Bliss, love, triumph, and completeness – our first photo as a family of four. Submitted by Laura Gosnell

It you haven’t submitted your entry yet, here’s the info on how to do that.

Thanks for being such amazing supporters!

Tina Steinberg and Teamsters

‘Rare Byrd’ Spotlight & Bonus Love Touch Charm With Purchase Of An Exclusive Design

“She Believed She Could, So She Did!”

A year ago, during one of my trips to Portland, OR, I met a vibrant new friend, Amy Thackery of Rare Byrd Creative. She creates beautiful graphics for my marketing materials, has an infectious sense of style & is so fun to meet with over our favorite martini ‘The Bad Habit’. I recently made a very special Love Touch piece for her from the ‘Exclusive Designs Collection’ (see left photo).

Here is a little bit about Amy, in her own words. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to see how you can receive a bonus fingerprint charm as an add-on to your new ‘Exclusive Design’ order (this month only!).


“I’m Amy Thackery, owner of a dreamy little design business that is fittingly named Rare Byrd Creative.  I consider myself the Rare Byrd of the biz. I’m an Oregon-grown, mother of 3, small town, rain-loving, hopeless romantic, super creative girl. I’ve been in the business of art since I was about 3-years-old.  As far back as I can remember, I’ve known that I wanted to be some sort of artist “when I grew up.” Well, here I am, all grown up (sort of).

Shortly after high school, I learned that technology was someday going to rule the world. That knowledge is what led me to a degree in Graphic Design. I can proudly say that I have NEVER looked back. Design is my calling!

My design style ranges from feminine & fancy to sleek & forward-thinking. I’m pretty versatile and love that design is so incredibly fluid. I’ve worked with everything from small business start-ups to college institutions & larger marketing agencies. My goal is always to add to my client’s image and send them packing with confidence, excitement and an exceptional sense of their brand. I believe that every client has his or her own story. Listening to that story and facilitating the translation of its emotion and market message into a compelling design is my job.

“She Believed She Could, So She Did”  is my mantra for keeping Rare Byrd Creative soaring.  Hopefully you’re believing you can as well, and loving every minute of it!

Cheers friends,

Amy Thackery

Rare Byrd Creative on Facebook 

Fun round business cards by Amy! What's your favorite 'front' and 'back'?

Amy’s necklace is an example of Exclusive Design possibilities. These designs start at $350 & they are amazing! We give you access to a private online gallery of design examples to help you with ideas so we can make yours as personalized & gorgeous as can be. Email info @ to receive more details.

Pay your deposit by 10/23/11 (& your design in full by 10/31/11) & receive a bonus fingerprint charm as an add-on to your Exclusive Design, or just as a sweet separate extra charm for yourself ($95 value). This offer not retroactive to previous purchases or those already in progress.

Thank you Amy of Rare Byrd Creative for  your talent and gifts!

Sacred Journey :Customer Spotlight:

I absolutely love this featured customer, Cielo. I met her several years ago when I was selling my jewelry at a local farmers market in Temecula, CA. She came by regularly to buy my favorite pieces. She had the sweetest, most soothing energy and spirit about her. Then I didn’t see her for what seemed like ages….and I missed her.

Recently, she graced me with her lovely presence and gave me the scoop on all the changes in her life in the past few years. We have collaborated to design a simple design that reflects her journey. This piece will be an offering for clients of a wellness retreat that she has organized.

The piece is called ‘Sacred Journey‘. It says ‘sacred’ on one side and ‘journey’ on the other. It is designed as a small baton, something to pass on to others who are with us along our journey, who need us as much as we need them. Please read on and meet Cielo.  She is beautiful inside and out.

~ Tina Steinberg

Cielo Perla Hansen The Massage Is The Message

Hi my name is Cielo and I am a traveling massage therapist and have a studio  8 months out of the year in Playa Chacala, Nayarit,  Mexico.

My healing journey began over three years ago.  I was living in a beautiful home in Temecula, CA, married and working as a Criminal Analyst for Law Enforcement for 14 yrs.  Then in 2/08, my husband of 11 years left me and changed my life forever. I took a downgrade in my position and lost my home and loved ones. I went into a deep depression and was put on heavy anti-depressants. Then, I was taken off of work for 3 months by my doctor and sent to counseling. The therapist said that if I did not change the way I was thinking, that my thinking would kill me. I said to myself, “That will not be me”.

One day, I was sitting on the floor sobbing. Then I felt a large hand on the back of my right shoulder.  I took a deep breath and thought that maybe one of my neighbors had heard me crying and walked in.  I turned, but there was no one there.  I was scared for a moment, but I could still feel the warmth on my back where that hand had been.  It was then that I realized I was not alone. I was being watched over by something that I could not explain with my mind, but in my heart, I knew it was my guardian angel.

The next morning I woke up and as soon as I opened my eyes, I remember saying out loud to myself, “I’m going to massage school”.  I got up, called in sick to work, drove down to the school and the next day I started my massage training.  I was 34 years old and this was the first decision I had ever made for myself, by myself. I didn’t ask anyone what they thought. I didn’t even doubt my decision. It was a great feeling.  Little did I know that going to massage school would put me on a journey of healing that I could never have planned on my own.

After learning massage, I was told “we know how to massage” but if you want to be a healer, you need to heal yourself in order to help others heal. I love massage and people so much I decided to move forward with the more difficult classes that involved mental, emotional and physical clearing of trauma and negative thinking patterns. 

Fast forward to a couple years later…

My family in Mexico asked me to come and work at the family hotel/restaurant, Las Brisas, that is located in a small fishing village about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta.  The town is called Playa Chacala. I took a month off my regular office job and hauled myself and 80 lbs of belongings to Playa Chacala.  I fell in love with the place and felt so alive.  I was healing.  I came back to work and I put my two week notice in and never looked back.

I have worked there at Las Brisas for over a year, building my client base while studying everyday and enriching and taking care of myself.  With such support from my family and many friends I have met along this journey, I have have put together the first healing retreat of its kind in Playa Chacala, Mexico.

I encourage all of you to live your dream.  We sometimes avoid risks in life so we can make it safely to death, but what is the fun in that?

Now, over three years after my husband left, I understand why he did.  I am thankful to him for having the courage to leave.  By him taking the first step, it allowed me to to take mine and to do what I love, what I have always loved to do, and that is to help and touch others. I am forever in debt to my family and close friends who have seen me when I was at the bottom of the barrel and didn’t for one second think to leave me there.

Thank you all. You are my Greatest Teachers and I am still a student.

Wealth of Health to You,


The Girls At 1825

We meet the most amazing people in this business. The Girls At Eighteen25 are a trio of sisters in Las Vegas that we recently collaborated with to offer two $100 gift certificates to their followers. They have a fun, creative blog where they feature cool giveaways, fun creative projects and more. Follow these girls….they will infuse happiness and positivity into your day…and you might win some incredible products! 

Now through 8/7, if you are a follower on their blog and a follower on our Facebook page Tina Steinberg Designs, you not only have a chance to win a gift certificate, we are offering 15% off your purchase with code ‘eighteen25’. Details here. Enjoy!

We Run With The Best

Kara Goucher April 2011

In case you missed this, we ran the Boston Marathon vicariously through several runners back in April! One of our customers, world renowned marathoner and Olympian runner, Kara Goucher, blogged about one of Tina’s most popular pieces and a rush of orders came through from lots of runners! We received over 500 emails from Kara’s followers who shared their inspirational stories of what the quote, “I am not afraid…I was born to do this” means to them.

Kara chose to wear her Little Love Charmer Plus necklace on the cover of Competitor magazine. Amazing runner! Amazing taste in personalized jewelry!

Next up….one of our offerings will be in a photo shoot for Women’s Running Magazine, June/August 2011 issue. So nice to be a part of the runners community with pieces that speak to the souls of athletes!