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I Don’t Blog Much, But When I Do….

….it’s because I have a lot to say. First, I’ll tell you some personal things, then there’s some info at the end of this post about a July Sale!

How are you? Really, how are you? I want to know. I actually tend to know more about my customers than you might realize, but sometimes, long periods of time go by when I don’t hear a peep from you. How do I know the things I know? Well, we follow each other in places like Instagram & some are on my business Facebook page.

Here are some things that have happened this year, this wonderful year of 2016! For starters, it truly has been a magical year for me, one of my best years. Not perfect, but still magical. My two kids are in transitions: my oldest is moving to Arizona to attend a musician’s conservatory and my youngest is starting high school soon. I’m very happy for and proud of them….they are the inspiration for so much in my life.

In the Spring, I got certified as a yoga instructor. It was a transformational experience for me and it will most certainly inspire more jewelry ideas. As some of you may know, I teach barre fitness classes, so adding some yoga in the mix is making things more rich! What I’m mostly interested in doing with my yoga practice is developing yoga sequences for creativity, happiness, courage and all sorts of themes that go along with my jewelry creations and meditations that I’m writing. It’s all a work in progress, but it’s all coming full circle.

In June, my daughter and I took a trip to several places we’d never been to. We were away for three weeks and it was so much fun! I reminisce about it every day and am already planning my next adventures! I do have to admit that I’m not a lover of flying, but I did really well and I think I’m over most of my anxiety about it. There are so many things about this trip that are confidence boosters for me. I never thought I’d have the courage to travel very far for too long without another adult, but I did it and my daughter was amazing to travel with. She learned so much about navigating the details of traveling by train, plane and so much more. Here’s a pic of us (or nine!).IMG_2766

Until I get to travel very far again, I do plan to do some road tripping in California and Arizona and will be offering personal appointments for custom orders on my routes. The custom orders can be anything I offer, even if it’s to collaborate on some charms with personal messages. If you’re interested in meeting, let me know because even if you’re not on my route, I welcome anyone planting some seeds for different places I can go, including flying to where you are (if I can get enough interest in appointments in your general location).


Long sale information short: Most fingerprint charms are about 30-40% off through the end of July. That’s all you need to know, right?

If you’re visiting family for the summer or have a high school graduate getting ready to move away for college, this is a perfect time to get your Love Touch charms while you have them near. Or if you simply want to update your charms because your babies have grown so much, dive in to the sale!

For orders placed before July 18, you’ll receive a complimentary wire-wrapped Swarovski crystal to attach to any of your jewelry pieces, a $20 value. One per customer.



Drop me a note to say hi or anything you want. I’d love to hear from you, and possibly get a chance to see you, too!

xo, tina

Instagram @ts_unordinary

Jewelry FB


When Was The Last Time Someone Charmed You?

Not much time left this year and as November approaches, my focus will be on processing holiday orders. I want to have a little more fun before things get too crazy busy… here it goes!

From Thursday Oct. 25 – Wednesday Oct. 31, I am giving away some charms to Tina Steinberg Designs Facebook followers!

We did this before and this is how it goes:

Wishing Well.

1. I will post a pic of a giveaway charm on Tina Steinberg Designs FB page with a question accompanying it.

2. After at least 10 comments/responses to my question have been posted, I will answer my own question within the thread of comments/responses. I may not get to responding right after 10 Likers have responded, but I’ll get there when I can:)

3. The first person to comment after my response wins the charm that is in that post (sorry, no substitutions)!

RULES: If you win, then –

1… must contact within 2 days of the post & provide your mailing address.

2…..once you are tagged as the winner, you are ineligible for other October charm giveaways.

3…..U.S. and Canadian residents only. Must be 18 or older to participate.

Good luck! ~ tina


Follow Tina Steinberg Designs @unordinarymetal on Instagram and on Pinterest.

If you are into health and fitness, find Tina at Barre Form, too!

Comment Love!

From Monday, July 23 – Friday, July 27, we are giving away some jewelry designs to our Tina Steinberg Designs Facebook followers! Our sneaky plan goes like this (warning: the word ‘comment’ is used excessively below:)…..

We love comments, so to celebrate those who take a little time to leave some comment love, we are going to be sneaking through our Facebook photos to comment at the end of certain comment threads. Each of our comments will start with the words “Comment Love”. The first person to comment after each Tina Steinberg Designs ‘Comment Love’ comment will receive the giveaway that we mention in that particular comment (which we may also mention the giveaway item in posts leading up to our ‘Comment Love’ post). Those who have left comments prior to ours have a higher chance of getting a notification from us (wink, wink).

Important things to know:

  • Our giveaway choices are not necessarily those that are shown in the photos that you comment on. We are hoping that you’ll take some time to go looking at lots of our pictures to comment on ones you love, though!
  • You may only win one time during this week. Once we confirm that you are a winner (i.e., by either tagging you in the thread or sending you a FB message, or both) you are ineligible for other July giveaways.
  • You must contact us with your mailing address by July 29th to redeem your gift. If we do not receive a confirmation from you by 7/29, we will choose another winner.
  • Those in the TSD circle (friends, family, independent contractors) are not eligible…dang it.
  •  No gift substitutions.
  • If you don’t win, check our July sale items. We have some Love Touch items on sale and you’ll receive a free Thank You charm with purchases of $80 or more.

Ok! I think that about covers it. Have fun commenting…you can start anytime….here ya go!

P.S. Find TS Designs on instagram @unordinarymetal. Upload your favorite TS Design there & hashtag it #tinasteinberg. We’ll send you a code to take $15 off any purchase (good till 8/31/12).

P.S.S. Join our mailing list so you don’t miss the good stuff!

A ‘1st’ Captured….

For Week 1 of our March ‘Playing Favorites’ Photo contest, we received an amazing selection of photos. Each one in its own unique way captures such simple beauty and the selection of photos evokes a range of emotions.

We want to say thank you to all who have entered so far. We realize that it takes some time from your day to pick out your photos and go through the steps to send them our way. It is a priceless and thoroughly enjoyable experience for us to see life through your eyes and know a little bit more about you as a result of the connection you made with us with your special photos.

Before we show you this week’s winning picture, we want to say that the ones that have not won so far are still in the running for the rest of March, so you still have a chance.

We aren’t going to say much about what we love about this winning pic. It pretty much speaks for itself. We just love it and how real, raw, sweet, perfect and special it is.

(a little drumroll please….)

Bliss, love, triumph, and completeness – our first photo as a family of four. Submitted by Laura Gosnell

It you haven’t submitted your entry yet, here’s the info on how to do that.

Thanks for being such amazing supporters!

Tina Steinberg and Teamsters

‘Playing Favorites’ Photo Contest

We love photos, we love inspiration…and thus (yes, we love the word ‘thus’, too!) we are so excited to do this March contest! On each Saturday in March, we will be picking a winner for our “Playing Favorites” photo contest.

It goes like this:

1. Email two of your favorite non-professional photos to goodstuff @ (Non-professional = not part of a professional photography shoot or taken to promote a business).

2. For each photo, in 25 words or less, provide a caption that says something about why the photo inspires you.

3. On our Facebook page, post this sentence, or something very similar: “I entered Tina Steinberg Designs ‘Playing Favorites’ photo contest” with a link to this blog posting  OR use the ‘share’ buttons at the end of this posting.

Examples (both taken with that technological crack otherwise known as the iPhone):

The reasons for Tina's unordinary jewelry. Without them, none of this would have happened. Love infinity.

Take time to play. And make sure some of your play time involves flying through the air.


  • Submit all info in one email ( by the end of each Friday in March. We’ll publish a winner on these Saturdays: 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24 and 3/31.
  • Photos should be taken by YOU (no need to be a professional photographer, but DO have fun with editing).
  • One submission per person for the whole month. Your single submission will be eligible all month.
  • If your photos involves people, please be certain that it is ok with those people that you are submitting photos of them.
  • By virtue of your submission, you are granting us permission to publish your photos and the copy you provided for each photo, if you win. This info will be posted on our blog, Facebook page, Pinterest and Twitter.


  • You will receive a $20 e-gift card just for entering (all 3 steps above).
  • Winners will receive an additional $100 e-gift card.


The criteria for winning is based on the inspirational nature of your photos and copy as a whole. We are not professional judges and we will love everything that is submitted to us. We will choose based on what stands out the most. Let’s have fun!

(Find Tina on Instagram @tinasteinberg. If you upload any pics of your ts design on there, use hashtag #tinasteinberg)

Making Gifts That Matter. It’s True.

I remember my first months in business starting October 2003. I actually had not officially started my business. I was playing with beads and making lots of fun jewelry in between making personalized pieces for myself. All the while, I had a one year old sitting on my lap.

I started receiving requests to make personalized moms bracelets for Christmas 2003. I was surprised that people wanted something that my hands created, and that they wanted to gift my creations to their loved ones. I wondered why they didn’t go to the store to get something from a brand they knew and trusted. Then it dawned on me….they wanted gifts that mattered and they trusted me.

It’s amazing how much things have grown since that time and I’m proud of my team that helps to create gifts all year long, and especially around Christmas. We are all about making gifts that matter, the kind that touch people at the core of who they are. We wouldn’t have it any other way and we are looking forward to what this Christmas season brings our way!

Please enjoy special pricing on our most popular Love Touch designs. This offer is good till 11/20/11 and it is our last sale of 2011.

Two 'Little Love Charmer Plus' on a Lite Ball Chain....An inscription comes on the back of each charm!

And in case you missed it, we have all of our ‘I am not afraid. I was born to do this.’designs specially priced while they are on backorder (good through 11/14).

For peaceful warriors....

Thanks for your support!! It’s been a privilege since day one to create what you can’t find in a store and to pour love into a ‘job’ that feeds my soul.

Tina Steinberg

Coming Around The Mountain

.....yes, back on the saddle with a little help from these.

Ahhhh! Being techy is so fun….(except when it’s not). If you’ve landed on this page, it likely comes after our attempt to set up a blog elsewhere and you missed not much at all because that blog had a mountain of glitches that even kept us from going there. The welcome sign was a little haggard over there!

But we’re back on the techy sexy saddle and here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find here soon:

  • Updates on our specials, promotions and new designs.
  • Feature stories on other inspiring businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Customer stories (we hear some pretty touching stories:)
  • And lots more good viby-ness.

We’re keeping it real simple, and real real, just like our designs….welcome!