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Beyond Fifty Shades of Grey: What To Read Next.

by Cindy Bokma

By now everyone you know has read this book. Even non-readers have at least picked up and it paged through it. You simply cannot go anywhere or talk to anyone without the book being brought up.

Yes, the book was a rather interesting (for lack of a better term) read, but there are more novels awaiting your attention. Novels that will make you think and ones that will keep you up late at night. Well written books by authors you may or may not have heard of.

Here are a few deserving of your attention that I read and loved.

*If you are feeling sentimental, check out The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry: A Novel by Rachel Joyce. A letter from a dying friend inspires Harold to walk across England. His journey gives him the time to reflect on his life and the choices he made.

*Feeling like reading a novel that’s a little different? Where’d You Go Bernadette? by Maria Semple asks the question of Bernadette’s disappearance. Put together using old email correspondences, conversations and flashbacks, we see exactly what led Bernadette to flee.

*Looking back fondly on your old prep school days? No? Me neither, but I did enjoy The Chocolate Money by Ashley Prentice Norton. Bettina Ballantyne is the daughter of an heiress to a chocolate fortune. Unfortunately Bettina’s mother is completely unstable and this results in Bettina’s skewed view of the world in which she lives. Bettina finds it impossible to fit in at an exclusive prep school and is on a path to destruction with no one but herself to save her.

*Want to sink your teeth into a massive novel filled with secrets? The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton will keep you turning pages. I found this story riveting. The book goes between present day and the 1960’s when teenaged Laurel witnesses her mother commit a terrible act.

*Looking for an intelligent ‘chick lit’ novel? Lisa Jewell’s The Making of Us centers around the grown children of a mysterious sperm donor, each trying to figure out what’s been missing in their lives.

*Want to laugh and read at the same time? Check out Liane Moriarty’s novels. The latest one is The Hypnotist’s Love Story is the story of Ellen, a hypnotherapist whose boyfriend Patrick is convinced he’s being stalked by an ex-girlfriend. The trouble is, the ex-girlfriend is a client of Ellen’s. All of Liane’s books are great, I especially enjoyed What Alice Forgot.


Cindy is a published author who lives in Southern California. You can read her beauty blog, HelloDollface here, and her book reviews on CindyReads. Follow her on Twitter @HiDollface.

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