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Top 5 And A Half Reasons Why August Is A Very Good Time To Order

When it comes to our Love Touch Designs, there is one steadfast suggestion for ordering these designs……whether you need your design for a holiday gift or not, if you can avoid ordering during high season (November and December), you will reap certain benefits. August is a very good time to order! Here’s why:

1. The kids are home from school. The down time makes for a better printing experience than trying to cram it in after school or on hectic weekends when school starts up again.

2. If you have a college bound child getting ready to leave….now is the time. Enough said about that:)

3. Although we have sales in the fall, we don’t normally have any during high season.

4. This process takes a minimum of one month to complete, though it’s not unusual for it to take 2-3 months due to various circumstances. For example, sometimes customers need to re-do their molds for a better print before we complete their pieces. Or, if you decide to upgrade to a more ornate or Exclusive design while we are in the process of working on your order, ordering well before high season allows for  us to get components needed for your order (during high season, backordered components are not unusual).

5. The truth is, anytime is a good time to order. Our Love Touch Designs are not just jewelry…they are an archive of love captured in silver and no matter when you do it, you will be happy you did…..

  • 5.5……however, we like to encourage people to do this process during non-crazy times of the year! August is one of those times and it’s also the only month we are having an amazing sale for our mailing list subscribers. Contact us with “add me” in the subject line and we’ll send you the August promo code!
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