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A ‘1st’ Captured….

For Week 1 of our March ‘Playing Favorites’ Photo contest, we received an amazing selection of photos. Each one in its own unique way captures such simple beauty and the selection of photos evokes a range of emotions.

We want to say thank you to all who have entered so far. We realize that it takes some time from your day to pick out your photos and go through the steps to send them our way. It is a priceless and thoroughly enjoyable experience for us to see life through your eyes and know a little bit more about you as a result of the connection you made with us with your special photos.

Before we show you this week’s winning picture, we want to say that the ones that have not won so far are still in the running for the rest of March, so you still have a chance.

We aren’t going to say much about what we love about this winning pic. It pretty much speaks for itself. We just love it and how real, raw, sweet, perfect and special it is.

(a little drumroll please….)

Bliss, love, triumph, and completeness – our first photo as a family of four. Submitted by Laura Gosnell

It you haven’t submitted your entry yet, here’s the info on how to do that.

Thanks for being such amazing supporters!

Tina Steinberg and Teamsters

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