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We Love Your Likes! Receive 30% off For Sharing!

Confession: In the 3 years that we have had a ‘fan’ page, we have rarely asked our likers to suggest our page to their friends and family. We have acquired most of our likers via pure inspiration and by the support of bloggers and customers who love our products and have promoted us.

But now, we are asking you to recommend our Facebook page, Tina Steinberg Designs, to your friends and family…… and to tell them why (the reason why is totally up to you).

We are asking you because we’d love to reach as many people as we can to show them what they are missing.

It is easy for everyone to find the big name companies on Facebook. We love them, too! But we have a soft spot for the independent businesses and artists out there. We have excellent taste and while we are promoting the love of our own work, we want to promote the beautiful products and people that we meet along the way. We want to show you other labors of love. And of course, we want to be able to offer more great giveaways (we’ve been able to do more of this as we’ve grown:).

We love what we do and we are growing because of you. We are inspired by you more than you know. With every show of support, we move forward.

In case you wonder who is behind the scenes here, we are a team of five moms. We are in and out of Tina’s studio taking care of various details. Oftentimes, we have our kids with us. There is a chihuahua trying to get on any willing lap as we work. We have great music playing on Pandora or iTunes and we are often taking swigs of energy drinks or coffee and talking about funny stuff. And we are creating lifetime treasures!

We can’t wait to share our growth, new designs, specials, inspirational businesses, etc. with you and your posse. Thanks for spreading the love!

As a thank you, please enjoy a one time 30% off your purchase from now through Saturday, 9/24. Use code ‘ishared‘.

Note: You must enter this in the coupon code box during checkout (all lower case, no spaces). If there is ever a time to buy before the holidays, it’s now (read this post about why it’s good to order early). This offer is only good for online orders and not retroactive to previous purchases.

Thanks again. We Love Likers Like YOU!

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  1. Victoria RISO Taylor #

    Yes Tina! Go girl! You are gifted! Keep shar
    ing! Lovt. Victoria

    September 23, 2011

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