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Order Early For The Holidays….Here’s Why!

1. Most of our designs are custom which means we hand make a lot of our pendants and assemble your piece from scratch. We don’t like to rush this process if we can help it.

2. We work on orders in batches which means whatever orders we have at the beginning of a week are the only ones we work on. We don’t start working on new orders that come in during that time…they go into next week’s batch! One extra week can make a difference if you need your order by a certain time.

3. Sometimes components (certain chains and lockets) that we use for your design are on backorder from our vendors. Having some cushion time always helps in these situations.

4. Fingerprint designs are quite a process: we mail you a kit, you mail it back, we work on your piece, we mail the completed design to you. We recommend ordering at least one month in advance, however, MORE time is even better because random things can happen: mail delays, the possibility of needing to re-do one of your print molds, etc. Anyone who orders in December risks having to pay hefty rush fees. September through mid-November is the ideal time to place your holiday orders.

5. We do not offer any discounts in late November and December. Lots of customers are hoping that we’ll be having holiday sales so they wait till then to order. Sorry, it’s not going to happen….we are too swamped with orders at that time. If you are in the U.S., order by 12/1. If you are ordering from outside the U.S., order by 11/15.

Please read our customer service page. This answers most questions about our designs and policies. It is more important for us to make a sale to informed customers than it is for us to make a sale. If you have questions that are not answered on our website, contact us and we’ll help you out!

We know…’s a lot of information, but we promise….it’s so worth the process. You will fall in love with your piece and it will bring the best of feelings each time you look at it and touch it!


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