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Dance & Shine, Featuring Michelle Hastie, President/Founder of Total Body Health Solutions

I meet some pretty amazing people in the course of my business & I spend lots of time networking with inspirational people. Many of my designs are inspired by customers & also by entrepreneurs that I meet along the way.

Michelle Hastie is one of these beautiful entrepreneurs that I’ve had the privilege to meet. She is a young, passionate, gentle but bold woman who has her own business “Total Body Health Solutions“.

Recently, Michelle & I collaborated to come up with a simple design that she can offer to her coaching clients. It’s a simple understated drop design that reads ‘dance’ on one side and ‘shine’  on the other. The necklace can be found online here.

Read about Michelle below. If you have a creative entrepreneurial business & would like to be featured in one of my newsletters & have a design created for your business, contact me at We are lining up a monthly feature and are excited to share other people’s passions!  ~ Tina Steinberg


Michelle Hastie, President/Founder of Total Body Health Solutions

Many people would be surprised to find out that I struggled with weight. For most of my life, I was naturally thin & able to eat whatever I wanted & not gain weight. The thought of weight gain never entered my mind.

Then I became a personal trainer & jumped on the calorie counting wagon & was greeted with a 25 pound weight gain in one year.  Shocked & confused, I became extremely negative towards my body. How could it do this to me? I increased my exercise & decreased my calories. I was working out 7 days a week, riding my bike to work & eating 1200-1800 calories, but nothing worked.

Then in August 2008, I was hit by 5 cars on the freeway. I didn’t know it at the time, but that day would mark the point of complete change in my life. I had no idea that I would lose 10 pounds lying on the couch unable to move, all the while, I continued to eat. I also had no idea I had a calling to help the rest of the world with their weight in a completely different way.

My weight loss during my recuperation made it more apparent that the “eat less, move more” mentality might not be the answer. I was moving less than I was eating & my body was able to get smaller. I became obsessed with finding all the information I could possibly find on weight loss. When I found the term “food psychology”, it finally clicked that weight loss is mental. When we stop running because our mind doesn’t feel like going on when we know our legs physically could, weight loss can be just as mental. My philosophy now empowers people to step up in life & have fun during  their journey to find their ideal body as opposed to the traditional extreme, punishing methods currently out there.

Losing weight & living in your ideal body means embracing your femininity & playing up your strengths. This really comes down to confidence, radiance & being feminine. A seductive dance class, yoga, or Pilates…..find movements that make you feel like a woman & allow yourself the proper relaxation that your body needs. Look for non-food ways to nourish your body & soul. 

When we feel nourished & fulfilled, we don’t abuse ourselves. Those negative voices get quieter & quieter as the powerful feminine energy powers through. I challenge you all to dance your way to your ideal body. Dance allows women to express their femininity & connect to their bodies. Our bodies LOVE this! When your body is happy, you are happy & therefore you can drop excess fat. When you’re having a bad day, turn up your favorite song & dance. When you feel like you simply can’t get up, turn up your favorite song & dance with your eyes closed. Dancing is the most beautiful way for women to lose weight, but more importantly to connect to their personal power & shine.

Dance & Shine,

Michelle Hastie  

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