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I Don’t Blog Much, But When I Do….

….it’s because I have a lot to say. First, I’ll tell you some personal things, then there’s some info at the end of this post about a July Sale!

How are you? Really, how are you? I want to know. I actually tend to know more about my customers than you might realize, but sometimes, long periods of time go by when I don’t hear a peep from you. How do I know the things I know? Well, we follow each other in places like Instagram & some are on my business Facebook page.

Here are some things that have happened this year, this wonderful year of 2016! For starters, it truly has been a magical year for me, one of my best years. Not perfect, but still magical. My two kids are in transitions: my oldest is moving to Arizona to attend a musician’s conservatory and my youngest is starting high school soon. I’m very happy for and proud of them….they are the inspiration for so much in my life.

In the Spring, I got certified as a yoga instructor. It was a transformational experience for me and it will most certainly inspire more jewelry ideas. As some of you may know, I teach barre fitness classes, so adding some yoga in the mix is making things more rich! What I’m mostly interested in doing with my yoga practice is developing yoga sequences for creativity, happiness, courage and all sorts of themes that go along with my jewelry creations and meditations that I’m writing. It’s all a work in progress, but it’s all coming full circle.

In June, my daughter and I took a trip to several places we’d never been to. We were away for three weeks and it was so much fun! I reminisce about it every day and am already planning my next adventures! I do have to admit that I’m not a lover of flying, but I did really well and I think I’m over most of my anxiety about it. There are so many things about this trip that are confidence boosters for me. I never thought I’d have the courage to travel very far for too long without another adult, but I did it and my daughter was amazing to travel with. She learned so much about navigating the details of traveling by train, plane and so much more. Here’s a pic of us (or nine!).IMG_2766

Until I get to travel very far again, I do plan to do some road tripping in California and Arizona and will be offering personal appointments for custom orders on my routes. The custom orders can be anything I offer, even if it’s to collaborate on some charms with personal messages. If you’re interested in meeting, let me know because even if you’re not on my route, I welcome anyone planting some seeds for different places I can go, including flying to where you are (if I can get enough interest in appointments in your general location).


Long sale information short: Most fingerprint charms are about 30-40% off through the end of July. That’s all you need to know, right?

If you’re visiting family for the summer or have a high school graduate getting ready to move away for college, this is a perfect time to get your Love Touch charms while you have them near. Or if you simply want to update your charms because your babies have grown so much, dive in to the sale!

For orders placed before July 18, you’ll receive a complimentary wire-wrapped Swarovski crystal to attach to any of your jewelry pieces, a $20 value. One per customer.



Drop me a note to say hi or anything you want. I’d love to hear from you, and possibly get a chance to see you, too!

xo, tina

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Today is my firstborn’s birthday. He is 17 years old. It’s gone way too quickly, like incomprehensibly in a flash.

I remember very clearly what it felt like to be pregnant for the first time. I felt like such a child trying to navigate an unknown world. I had new eyes for the first time in a long time, looking at life in a very different way, trying to imagine myself sharing my world with this new being who’d be completely dependent upon me, realizing I was accountable to someone else in a very different way than I had ever been to anyone else before. There are certain transformations that I endured as a result of knowing I was going to be someone’s mom. He birthed me as much as I birthed him.

What I remember most about being pregnant was falling in love….deep, soul clenching love….with someone who was going to change my world. I had never known the true meaning of ‘surrender’ until I heard his heartbeat for the first time.

Early in my pregnancy, I started writing letters to him before I even knew he was a boy. I continued writing letters to him until….well, I still do. Here is a poem that I wrote to him during my second trimester…enjoy <3.

I don’t know you and I love you,


You bring more joy than all the hands in the world can carry.

I have thought about you all my life,

I have had dreams about you before I knew you existed,

I have never seen your beautiful face

Or touched your precious little hands,

But I have heard your tiny heartbeat.

The sound of it lit up my life.

You will be here soon,

You are bringing more joy than all the hands in this world can carry.

When you get here,

Life will show its beaming face,

and life will fall into place,

For you have always been a part of it.



Happy Birthday, B-Boy <3.


Heading into adulthood soon enough.
















Thanks for subscribing to my blog. Mother’s Day is fast approaching. For orders of $95 or more (product cost/pre-shipping cost), choose a petite custom name/word charm or lite ball chain to go with your order (value = $38 – $48).

To claim your piece, if your product total meets the $95 minimum, order the chain or charm from the link above. If you choose the chain, use code CHAIN at checkout. If you choose the charm, use code CHARM at checkout.

No other discounts apply. Offer good through 3/31/14.


10 Years : Thankful

Wow! How non-observant am I? Well, I’m pretty good with all kinds of details, but somehow, I almost missed that this month (November 2013) marks 10 years that I’ve been creating jewelry. I found out when one of my customers mentioned it on LinkedIn! I’m thinking that right now is a good time for two things:

1) A rundown on how the past 10 years have been….

In October 2003, a photographer took some beautiful black & white photos of my family. I kept myself up several nights trying to come up with a unique way to have them close to me every day. In November 2003, I had a dream of a bracelet that had tiny versions of my b & w pics in it. The next day, I went to a jewelry supply store to get what I needed to make my first piece of jewelry. That Christmas, I was busy fielding orders from friends and family.

In Spring 2004, I had my first home party then started setting up every week at a local farmers market to sell my handmade jewelry. By then, I was making a range of personalized pieces and customers really connected with the sentimentality of my work. My children were 1 and 6 at the time and I really don’t know how I juggled so much, because at the time I was also working on starting a private practice as a therapist. When I finally let that career go, my jewelry business took off.

‘Deep in my heart’s ocean, I know beauty unseen.’ One of my early personal quotes that showed up on my pieces:)

It wasn’t until Spring 2006 that I started making my fingerprint jewelry. It was a serendipitous moment. I didn’t plan these designs, but once the thought entered my mind, I just knew it was going to be good. Within a short time of making my first Love Touch designs, I participated in numerous events that were well publicized and the attention I received for these designs forced me to come up with a mail kit so that I could create these pieces for customers that lived far from me.

Over the years, I have had many people work for me, mostly moms who could bring their children to work or do their work from home or who could work at events with or for me. I have gone from doing about two events per week, to doing about two per year. I do 95% of my Love Touch orders via mail kit and I am so happy when I get to meet people in person to do the fingerprinting. I have to admit that I really miss meeting customers in person, but I’m thankful that I’ve been able to do a dream job that allows me to be home for my children. I am also grateful for everyone who has believed in me and my art as this is how a little dream was able to touch the lives of thousands of people over the last 10 years.

On a more personal note, this past summer after a couple years of going through some life changes, I moved from Temecula, California, to Portland, Oregon. I have been kind of quiet as I’ve been adjusting to this move, but still keeping very busy with custom orders and I am also a little extra busy since I moonlight as a barre instructor. I’m looking forward to what the New Year brings. My kids are 11 and 16 now…here they are just a few weeks ago:

My Loves & I : Portland, Oregon : Fall 2013

2) Ok, now for the 2nd thing….

To commemorate this 10 year anniversary, when you order through Sunday, 12/1/13, for every $100 you spend (pre-shipping), you’ll receive a $25 e-gift card*.


If you do not place an order, but have ordered in the past, then you can receive a $25 e-gift card simply by emailing your own picture of the TSD piece you purchased (wearing it or not) and a testimonial (what your piece means to you). Email to through 12/1/13.**

Gift cards are one lump sum and will be issued to the email address you provide. It is valid from 12/18/13 – 1/31/14.

>>> <<<

* Does not apply to purchases made with a pre-purchased gift card.

**Sending a pic and testimonial permits me to publish such information on my social media accounts. Your name will not be identified. 



xo, tina

(p.s. come find me on instagram..I tend to play around in that place more than in other places @unordinarymetal🙂

Don’t Forget Your Mama ♡

Mother’s Day is May 12. This is one of the busiest times of year for our Love Touch Designs, and those who order in early April and return their fingerprint impressions by May 1 will have  the most special and timelessly beautiful piece of jewelry to give to the mamas in their life on 5/12.

These past few months, I’ve been extra busy taking orders for adult prints as customers are realizing that they want to print their parents, husbands or wives. I’m thinking that if you haven’t printed your own mom, why not consider ordering a design, even a simple charm or pendant, to capture your mom on Mother’s Day? If you’re going to see her on 5/12….make it extra special!

If you’re ordering a kit now to print your mom on 5/12, the kit clay will still be good by the time you use it.


Little Love Charmer Plus/Triple Print Necklace

Here’s a Love Touch Necklace with 3 fingerprints spaced on a link chain! And our Love Nest Necklace! So sweet!


Love Nest Necklace

When Was The Last Time Someone Charmed You?

Not much time left this year and as November approaches, my focus will be on processing holiday orders. I want to have a little more fun before things get too crazy busy… here it goes!

From Thursday Oct. 25 – Wednesday Oct. 31, I am giving away some charms to Tina Steinberg Designs Facebook followers!

We did this before and this is how it goes:

Wishing Well.

1. I will post a pic of a giveaway charm on Tina Steinberg Designs FB page with a question accompanying it.

2. After at least 10 comments/responses to my question have been posted, I will answer my own question within the thread of comments/responses. I may not get to responding right after 10 Likers have responded, but I’ll get there when I can:)

3. The first person to comment after my response wins the charm that is in that post (sorry, no substitutions)!

RULES: If you win, then –

1… must contact within 2 days of the post & provide your mailing address.

2…..once you are tagged as the winner, you are ineligible for other October charm giveaways.

3…..U.S. and Canadian residents only. Must be 18 or older to participate.

Good luck! ~ tina


Follow Tina Steinberg Designs @unordinarymetal on Instagram and on Pinterest.

If you are into health and fitness, find Tina at Barre Form, too!

Top 5 And A Half Reasons Why August Is A Very Good Time To Order

When it comes to our Love Touch Designs, there is one steadfast suggestion for ordering these designs……whether you need your design for a holiday gift or not, if you can avoid ordering during high season (November and December), you will reap certain benefits. August is a very good time to order! Here’s why:

1. The kids are home from school. The down time makes for a better printing experience than trying to cram it in after school or on hectic weekends when school starts up again.

2. If you have a college bound child getting ready to leave….now is the time. Enough said about that:)

3. Although we have sales in the fall, we don’t normally have any during high season.

4. This process takes a minimum of one month to complete, though it’s not unusual for it to take 2-3 months due to various circumstances. For example, sometimes customers need to re-do their molds for a better print before we complete their pieces. Or, if you decide to upgrade to a more ornate or Exclusive design while we are in the process of working on your order, ordering well before high season allows for  us to get components needed for your order (during high season, backordered components are not unusual).

5. The truth is, anytime is a good time to order. Our Love Touch Designs are not just jewelry…they are an archive of love captured in silver and no matter when you do it, you will be happy you did…..

  • 5.5……however, we like to encourage people to do this process during non-crazy times of the year! August is one of those times and it’s also the only month we are having an amazing sale for our mailing list subscribers. Contact us with “add me” in the subject line and we’ll send you the August promo code!

Comment Love!

From Monday, July 23 – Friday, July 27, we are giving away some jewelry designs to our Tina Steinberg Designs Facebook followers! Our sneaky plan goes like this (warning: the word ‘comment’ is used excessively below:)…..

We love comments, so to celebrate those who take a little time to leave some comment love, we are going to be sneaking through our Facebook photos to comment at the end of certain comment threads. Each of our comments will start with the words “Comment Love”. The first person to comment after each Tina Steinberg Designs ‘Comment Love’ comment will receive the giveaway that we mention in that particular comment (which we may also mention the giveaway item in posts leading up to our ‘Comment Love’ post). Those who have left comments prior to ours have a higher chance of getting a notification from us (wink, wink).

Important things to know:

  • Our giveaway choices are not necessarily those that are shown in the photos that you comment on. We are hoping that you’ll take some time to go looking at lots of our pictures to comment on ones you love, though!
  • You may only win one time during this week. Once we confirm that you are a winner (i.e., by either tagging you in the thread or sending you a FB message, or both) you are ineligible for other July giveaways.
  • You must contact us with your mailing address by July 29th to redeem your gift. If we do not receive a confirmation from you by 7/29, we will choose another winner.
  • Those in the TSD circle (friends, family, independent contractors) are not eligible…dang it.
  •  No gift substitutions.
  • If you don’t win, check our July sale items. We have some Love Touch items on sale and you’ll receive a free Thank You charm with purchases of $80 or more.

Ok! I think that about covers it. Have fun commenting…you can start anytime….here ya go!

P.S. Find TS Designs on instagram @unordinarymetal. Upload your favorite TS Design there & hashtag it #tinasteinberg. We’ll send you a code to take $15 off any purchase (good till 8/31/12).

P.S.S. Join our mailing list so you don’t miss the good stuff!

A Little Wild

Today is the last day of our Playing Favorites’ Photo contest. We received numerous photo submissions throughout the month of March. It’s been a fun way to interact with customers while learning more about the realness of your lives. A special thanks to everyone who took time to dig through their favorite photos and pass them our way!

Our final winning picture of the month comes from Lindsay Crosby. She submitted this fun candid picture of her daughter. In Lindsay’s words: “She regularly reminds me that living life a little wild can sometimes make it more fun!”. We are in total agreement!

Thanks Lindsay! Enjoy your $120 credit. We hope you pick out something really special for yourself for Mom’s Day:)

Stay tuned for more fun ways to win our unordinary jewelry!

xo – TS Designs

So Flippin’ Cute!

We are on Week 4 (of 5) of our March ‘Playing Favorites’ Photo contest, and we have a sweet, sweet pic to share with you from Rebecca Schmoll.

No matter your age, appreciate a friend who will stop what they're doing to help you. Photo submitted by Rebecca Schmoll.

We just love how the natural instinct of helping out another human being (at such a young age!) is illustrated in this candid picture. What a sweet little young guy….he’s going to win some hearts, though we’re sure he’s won over plenty already!

On a side note….when did backpacks get so cute? That zebra one is killing us (in a good way:)

Thanks Rebecca! Enjoy your $120 credit at!

We have one final week left of our photo contest and will announce our last winner on Saturday 3/31. All previous entries are still eligible. Thanks to all who have participated so far!

Me & My Imagination – BFF

For Week 3 of our March ‘Playing Favorites’ Photo contest, we’d like to present this winning photo by Heidi Golz.

“Nothing inspires quite like the imagination of a little one.”

Photo by Heidi Golz

We love this photo because it reminds us of what we have that no one can take away from us – our imagination. Sometimes, all we have is our imagination to keep us company….and that is a good thing. It’s such a gift that we have the ability to create fascination within us. It’s a greater gift to allow others to see our imagination come to life.

Thank you, Heidi, for such a simple, yet beautiful reminder of the innocence of imagination. Enjoy your $120 gift!